Extremely powerful optimization of radial distribution of goods on the day of ordering (Continuous/Same Day Delivery). Don’t let your customers wait!

Who Hermes is meant for

To all those who continuously dispatch goods from a single centre within minutes or hours of receiving the order.

Benefits for management

  • Maximum fleet capacity utilisation
  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Freezing of personnel needs even with rapid turnover growth
  • Increasing the reliability of supplies

Benefits for dispatchers

  • Extreme capacity of processed orders
  • Very fast route planning
  • Exceptional adaptability to a variety of conditions
  • Calmer traffic management

Benefits for drivers

  • Exact estimate of crossing times
  • Orders sorted by unloading already on dispatch of goods
  • More peace of mind driving
Delivery services
Express mail services

How Hermes works


Hermes is a specialist in local radial distribution in very short terms. It also handles thousands of express orders a day. Route planning is very advanced and takes into account a premium number of parameters. The optimization rate is vastly higher than for less powerful systems, not to mention manual scheduling. To view routes, Hermes uses the graphical interface of its parent information system.

Data Source

Hermes accepts orders from the company order system via an API interface.

Building routes

Hermes composes delivery routes by order dates and destinations. With the route closed, it waits for final orders until the delivery times of older orders are compromised. Only then would he close the route and calculate.

It takes into account a long range of requirements when planning: in particular, the time and place of delivery, the weight, dimensions or volume of the consignment, the method of packaging, the loading area and the useful weight of the vehicle, the need to deploy a specific type of vehicle, the driving style and salary of drivers, the time windows of customers, the current situation on the route and many other parameters.


Hermes communicates with the parent API system.

Installation Options

Full implementation is in our hands. We will explain your infrastructure requirements and synergies in detail.

Strengths of the application

Virtually unlimited capacity

Increasing the number of orders is not a reason to look for more dispatchers. One person can still do everything.

Huge flexibility

A large number of parameters with variable settings for different times of the day and different days of the week.

Useful Prediction

Dynamic estimation of the pick-up time according to the current performance of the distribution site.

Maximum optimization

The best possible routes built from the latest last-minute data.


The price depends on your terms and requirements. It is paid in the form of monthly fees. We’d be happy to count it for you.

Please contact us.

How to deploy Hermes

Contact us, we’ll be happy to explain.

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