Mobile App

A mobile application that cancels out the distance between the dispatch station and the driver’s cab. With one click, send instructions from Tasha to drivers’ mobile phones or tablets.
It’s just as easy to find out what’s happening on the route right now. This is how the omniscient God has it arranged.

Digitální ilustrace mobilní aplikace Ecofleet

Who will benefit from Mobile App?

Anyone who requires full and easy communication between dispatcher and driver.

ikona muž

Benefits for management and dispatchers

  • Increasing the flexibility and capacity of the control room
  • Easy and fast driver coordination
  • Immediate sending of tasks and their changes to the driver
  • Perfect overview of vehicle position, tasks and performance
  • Immediate access to loading and unloading times, handover protocols or photographs of damaged goods
  • Possibility to write a note
  • Possibility to record the number of returned packages
  • Accelerate invoicing
ikona muže se sluchátky

Benefits for customer support staff and invoicers

  • A perfect overview of vehicle positions on routes
  • Knowledge of arrival times
  • Overview of (non)delivered items and contracts
  • Accelerating the flow of confirmed packing slips, speeding up invoicing
ikona člověka s volantem

Benefits for drivers in the field

  • Perfect description of route, orders and customers
  • Flash start navigation on cleared GPS coordinate
  • Radical reduction in paper administration behind the wheel
  • Fast-start a call to a specific customer
  • Option to write notes and take photos for orders
  • More calm behind the wheel
ikona poštovních zásilek Delivery services
ikona vozíku s balíkem Wholesale
ikona jablek v bedně Food producers
ikona odpadkového koše Waste companies
ikona trasy Distributors
ikona nákupního vozíku E-shops

How Mobile App works


Mobile App fundamentally facilitates communication between dispatcher and driver. The dispatcher works with the Solvertech Tasha scheduling desktop app and driver with the mobile app. Mobile App can supplies the dispatcher with information about the current position of the vehicle (the driver’s phone) and the state of the contract, the driver about the tasks, addresses and routes to them. It keeps both sides in the closest contact with reality.

The most common situations in which Mobile App excels:

  • Quick start of navigation to the customer
  • Elimination of paper route lists
  • Photographic documentation of damaged packages for complaint purposes
  • Records of packaging materials collection
  • Quick overview of (un) delivered shipments along the route
  • Immediate sending of handover protocols and delivery notes speeds up invoicing

Connection of Tasha and Mobile App application

The dispatcher exports a scheduled route from Tasha to a mobile application installed on the driver’s mobile device with a single click. Then, in its web application Ecofleet, it can track what is happening on the ground and intervene in it, if necessary: modify, modify, add, or remove tasks. Each change sends an automatic notification to the other side, so it can’t be overlooked.

Drivers are shown tasks in the order in which they are to be performed. Click to start navigation or start a call to a dispatcher or customer. Easily retrieve EAN and QR codes, send information about the receipt of packaging materials, take and send documentation photos, complete the delivery protocol or packing slip, sign it and then send it to the customer’s e-mail or own invoicing department.

The application presents the data so that both the dispatcher and driver can work with it immediately and without problems.

Operating in the field requires a mobile data connection. The data transmission is encrypted. The daily volume of data transmitted depends on the type of documentation (photograph), usually megabyte units.

Installation Options

EcoFleet Mobile App can be purchased with desktop Tasha app at any time. We will install within a week of your order.

8 reasons for Mobile App


Reducing the cost of dispatcher-driver and driver-customer communication, end of paperwork.

Complete task overview

Detailed order list in optimized order.

Activity log

A perfect overview of task status, time and geolocation track, automatic time and task coordinates notation, journey log.

Demarcation of permitted/prohibited areas

Plus an automatic message to the dispatcher on their exit/breach.


Possibility of attaching photographs to contracts, e.g. proof of delivery or damage to goods.

Navigating to your destination

Quick-start Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, HERE WeGo, Sygic and other navigation applications.

Automatic Reports

Sending logs and delivery notes to the customer, invoicing or dispatcher. Faster clearance of order.


Setting custom forms, task states, or button names (paid edit).

How to work with the mobile app

Everything is in its place, you don’t have to look for anything.

Overview dispatch version interface for desktop computer and large tablet.

Compact mobile version interface optimized for fast and safe driver control.

A comprehensive list of orders in optimized order.


You pay a monthly fee for using the Mobile Application depending on the range of services and the number of accounts (users/mobile devices).

ikona seznamu

Task manager

User can access from any device.

12 € / 1 account

ikona zeměkoule s lokalizátorem

GPS tracking

The user account is registered to a specific device.

12 € / 1 account

ikona seznamu plus zeměkoule

Task manager + GPS tracking

The user account is registered to a specific device.

16 € / 1 account

ikona člověka a visacího zámku


One admin account and two user accounts to a web application for role management or customer support.


ikona instalace počítače

One-time fee for installation and setup

Creating and setting up user accounts, setting up and connecting the Tasha system with the Ecofleet application, user training.

200 €

We offer personalized settings for specific data and additional functions, reportmaking, area definitions, data bridges to external systems, etc.

How to implement Mobile App

We will take care of everything and explain the controls.

ikona se šroubovákem a instalatérským klíčem

Convenient installation

We're setting up the Ecofleet remotely. You can download the app to your mobile from the Google Play/App Store.

ikona s šipkami do prava a do leva

Smooth Link to Tasha System

Ecofleet continues where Tasha ends. Leave the connection to us.

ikona člověka a stoupajícího grafu


Personally or online.

ikona tachometru

7-day test with free hard data

Two accounts for the driver, one for the dispatcher. Task Management function including GPS tracking. Give it a try and decide in peace.

Facilitate the dispatcher's contact with drivers

It’s simple:

  1. Let's make an appointment.
  2. We'll arrive, introduce Mobile App and answer questions.
  3. We will install it remotely and connect it with the Tasha system.
  4. You will use and analyse for 7 days free of charge.
  5. After 7 days, you can stop using it free of charge or continue it smoothly with paid version.
  6. We will be 100% available to you with advice and help at all times.

Any questions?

Call +420 39 671 003 or use the chat.

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