About us

We are passionate about finding the best ways.

The origin of Solvertech

We were created as part of the market automation process, which is a logical outcome of the technological progress of recent years. We apply mathematical models to delivery planning.

Who are we and what we do

All internal Solvertech teams work with a single goal, and that is a delivered and successfully implemented product with worked-in planning detail.

Products and their use

We work with companies operating in both B2B and B2C. We solve both standard and specific delivery problems, where we use a wider range of products for other types of planning.

What are we doing? We are finding the best route.

We are a leading Czech supplier of software for distribution logistics. The main benefit of the products is saving transport costs and shortening delivery times.

Our clients are companies with one vehicle and large fleets. We have been operating on the Czech market since 2009. We also have extensive experience with implementations in Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Canada, Australia and Great Britain, where we started our business.

Because we own all the rights to our programs, we can offer a truly individual approach and solutions tailored to your needs.

How time flew

Our founder, Tomáš Pajonk, works on software projects for the British customer MapMechanics. For the first time, he created an algorithm for planning routes, used for the delivery of medicines for the elderly.
After returning from Great Britain, Tomáš Pajonk founds Solvertech with partner and head of development Radek Veřmiřovský. They are working on the development of the Tasha application usable on the Czech market.
Acquisition of the first Tasha application customer.
Solvertech has surpassed the first ten licenses of the Tasha application. The team has grown to include partner and head of support and implementation Bohdan Kotouček.
Solvertech has grown by 4 employees. In cooperation with the company Rohlík.cz, it begins to develop unique software for continuous transport planning. The logistics of the largest Czech online food retailer will continue to use it until present day.
Solvertech has 18 employees/collaborators and more than 100 long-term customers. Enters the Polish market, begins the development of the autonomous Freya mobile application.

Our team

18 members of our crew make up

  • 7 developers and programmers who do everything every day to meet the wishes of customers and their individual requirements for our systems,
  • 6 support workers who are daily ready to install, update, respond to questions and requests for modifications not only from dispatchers,
  • 3 sales representatives maintaining contact with existing customers, acquiring new ones and expanding the company’s portfolio and references,
  • 2 administrative and invoicing worker so that everything is in the right place at the right time.

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