Tasha Web Service

Autonomous Web service for calculating optimal delivery routes. It works with a batch of orders and fleet information. A smart transport module to your information/e-shop systems.

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Who is Tasha Web Service intended for

All carriers that plan their routes but do not want their visual display or manual modifications. Users and developers of business information systems and e-shops.

Do you need to see the routes and manually edit them? Discover Tasha

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Contribution for management

  • Expanding the capabilities of your own information system
  • Transport cost reduction
  • Detailed background for KPI statistics and transport cost analyses
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Benefits for dispatchers

  • Flash calculation of the optimal route directly in the information system
  • Extensive personalization options
  • Reduction in work volume, error rates and stress load
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Benefits for drivers

  • Overview Daily Route Plan
  • Order by unloading already when goods are dispatched
  • Reliable forecast of crossing times and return
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How Tasha Web Service Works

Data Source

Tasha Web Service requires a consolidated set of input data from the parent information system. It communicates with the service via an API interface.

The basis for planning the delivery is fleet information and individual orders. Typically, the input file contains the order ID, the GPS address coordinates or the weight of the consignment, a list of the external carriers’ vehicles and vehicles including their load carrying and loading area dimensions, a list of drivers, a price model, etc.

You can include customer identifier and name, contact details, consignment dimensions of the note and other details. We will adapt the structure of the required parameters to your needs.

Tasha Web Service will process the batch based on the information provided. A detailed service specification is available on request.

Building routes

After importing, Tasha Web Service checks data integrity, flags noncompliant data, and asks for details. From validated data, build routes matching specified parameters and available resources. It will take into account the current traffic restrictions (we update the documentation every day), AETR requirements, shift length, route start and finish point, customer time windows, unloading time, crossing time, etc.

Tasha Web Service does not allow for map visualization, manual intervention on suggested routes, or immediate feedback on “what if” queries. Do you need to see the routes and manually edit them? Use full-power desktop Tasha.


The output of the Tashi Web Service is a data object that again, through the API, we export to the default information system.

Basic functions

Quick assembly of optimal routes

A solution done in minutes whenever you need it.

Consideration of closures and traffic density

Adaptation of crossing times to current detours and rush hours.

Continuous updating of maps and distances

Unlike the competition, we update the distance matrices before processing each batch.

Universal deployment

Processes the handouts of all apps that work with the GPS coordinates of delivery addresses.

4 reasons to deploy Tasha Web Service

You will teach your information system to find the shortest routes to customers.

Interaction with practice

Built on years of experience, objective data from operational research and modern heuristic algorithms.


A quality route plan for the Tasha Web Service in tens of seconds, in large batches in minutes.


Comprehensive yet easy planning with a large number of parameters for vehicles and contracts.


Perfect connection of the service with your ERP or e-shop system.

Are you looking for comprehensive dispatching support (Next Interval Delivery)? Tasha

Are you dealing with the delivery of a large number of orders on the day of ordering (Continuous Delivery)? Kira

How to work with Tasha Web Service


Send a batch of data and wait for the result. Processing is very fast, you’ll see the time remaining to complete.


You pay a monthly fee to use Tasha Web Service. Its amount depends on the frequency of planning, the number of dispatch points, the number of vehicles and the type of installation.

We’ll be happy to calculate the price once the parameters have been clarified.

Speed up and make transport cheaper whenever you need it.

It’s simple:

  1. Let's make an appointment,
  2. We will examine your needs and requirements.
  3. We will conclude a simple contract.
  4. We will set up the service to work with your information system.
  5. Send a batch of data to the service whenever you need it.
  6. The optimal delivery schedule will be loaded into your system in no time.

Any questions?

Call 775 865 185 or use the chat.

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