Successful Czech software for transport planning and optimization of routes of deliveries, pick-ups, transports and their combinations (next day delivery).

Saves up to 20% on transport costs.

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Who is Tasha for

Everyone who carries something somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you own pickups, trucks or with the help of external carriers. It is important whether the routes are planned.

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Benefits for management

  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Better overview of traffic conditions
  • Immediate analysis of the profitability of items, orders, customers, routes and vehicles over time
  • Increasing the capacity of the control room
  • Maximize its performance and reliability
  • Easier substitutability
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Benefits for dispatchers

  • Faster and more efficient route planner
  • Extensive individual setting options
  • Possibility of route preparation
  • Simple manual completion of individual deliveries and pickups
  • Perfect overview of orders and vehicle utilization
  • Immediate feedback on any change in plan
  • Less stress load
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benefits for drivers

  • Complete route guide on your mobile phone
  • Personalized route exports
  • Sort orders when shipping goods
  • Quality estimates of crossing times
  • More accurate navigation
  • Easy communication with the customer
  • More peace of mind driving
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How Tasha Works

Data Source

Tasha draws data from the company's information systemsHelios, Pohoda, SAP, Premier, K2, Money, Baris, Abra, Cezar, Sofix and others using API, database query or data files and daily updated map data.

Building routes

When planning, Tasha takes into account any capacity data: weight of the load, dimensions / volume of the load, number of pallets / boxes, loading area of the vehicle, payload of the vehicle, need to assign a specific vehicle to a certain type of goods (dry, refrigerated, on pallets, car with front, etc.) , salary tariffs and driving style of drivers, individual time windows of customers, priority of the shipment, current restrictions on the route and dozens of other parameters.


The program output includes optimal line plans in accordance with AETR rules, press reports and reports customizable for your warehouse and driver, complete documents for invoicing transport to external carriers and documents for advanced economic and logistical analyzes. Easily send important order and route information, including links to navigation services, to the driver’s e-mail or mobile app. Economic reports and outputs can be immediately exported to PDF or Excel and also sent.

  • Tasha makes great use of vehicles, finds unexpected reserves, prevents little obvious losses.
  • Reduces transport costs by an average of 15% compared to manual traffic control.
  • Accelerates route planning by up to 70%.
  • KPI module provides clear comprehensive information for qualified management decisions.

Installation options

There are several installation methods available:

  • Tasha will run on our server, your employees will access it via RDP or a standard web browser. There is a charge for this mode.
  • Tasha will run on your server, and users will access it through the internal network, RDP, or a web browser. We will need access to your server for installation and support.
  • We install the Tash database on your server, individual applications on users’ computers.
  • We install the database and the application on local computers. This mode is very simple, but requires manual transfer of scenarios between users.

We listen to requirements, answer questions, and design the optimal configuration. The installation does not place special demands on HW or SW equipment.

Detailed description of the implementation (PDF)

Basic functions

Quick assembly of optimal routes

You will have a solution in a matter of minutes if all the conditions set are met.

Consideration of closures and traffic density

Tasha updates daily traffic restrictions from Dopravniinfo.cz, takes into account rush-hour traffic and very accurately estimates crossing times.

Continuous updating of maps and distances

Therefore (unlike competing systems), we update the distance matrices with each new batch.

Multiple trips on one line

Tasha will suggest the optimal number of departures and vehicle utilization according to the current expedition options.

Connection with vehicle tracking

There is a flash check of the differences between the planned and actual driven distance. Online monitoring with the EcoFleet app.

Manual or semi-automatic mode

Create the routes and lines yourself and have Tasha check them, or have Tasha work and assess her suggestions.

Export data for further processing

Tasha converts data into XLS, PDF, XML or TXT formats, sends them to your IS via API or writes them to a database.

Advanced geocoding of addresses and w3w

Tasha allows fast conversion of addresses to GPS coordinates and checks their relevance. It can also handle what3words.

Advanced features

KPI module Analysis of profit and loss orders

Transport costs flash-budgeted to orders, items, customers, vehicles and drivers. Are you interested in the price per kilogram, pallet or delivery of a particular salami? Complex information for managers here and now configured to fit your needs.

Communication module Fast flow of information from the dispatcher

Easy export of route data and arrival times. Bulk sending of SMS messages and e-mails to customers, drivers and warehouses.

The EcoFleet application offers extended communication options.

Courier module Finding the cheapest delivery method

Do you also send goods to customers by courier services? We will introduce their price lists and compare prices with the cost of your own transportation. We’ll show the cheapest solution.

Toll module Tolls under control

Route planning with regard to tolled sections. You can disable or allow them only for selected vehicles.

The modules are part of the basic installation and are free of charge.

8 reasons to start Tasha

Tasha starts saving day by day and will never stop. The savings are many times higher than the cost of operating Tashi. Our clients report returns within 2-3 days.

  1. 100% connection with practice

    We build on years of experience, objective data from operational research and modern heuristic algorithms.

  2. Detailed personalization

    We implement tasha tailored to the conditions in a specific company. We do not sell a boxed product, but an adapted and functional solution.

  3. Desktop solution for performance and safety

    You have sensitive data on your company drives. Computing power is significantly higher and processing more secure than web applications.

  4. High Calculation Speed

    A quality Tasha route plan can be calculated in tens of seconds to several minutes, depending on the number of orders and vehicles.

  5. Exceptional flexibility

    A large number of parameters for vehicles and orders allows planning even under non-standard conditions.

  6. Sweeping analysis

    Tasha effectively identifies problem customers, vehicles and carriers. It enables a comprehensive analysis of transport costs and other contexts.

  7. Premium Service

    We guarantee unrivalled customer support and responsiveness in case of modifications or planning assistance.

  8. Extraordinarily quick return

    Immediate savings of up to 15% will return the price of the app within days.

Do you find Tasha too complex? We can also hear smaller dispatch calls.

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Are you dealing with express delivery of a large number of orders (same day delivery)? Meet the Hermes app

How to work with Tasha

Tasha is fast and friendly. It does not tire of unnecessary actions. You’ll come to her joint in a few hours. You can perform the most common procedures with one click.

List of orders

Preview display of orders after data import. Individual sections are color-coded. Used also data needed for loading, data needed for unloading. Individual possibility of setting individual columns, their names and arrangement, display of icons.

List of vehicles and working rules

Fleet view preview. Individual possibility of setting individual columns, their names and arrangement, display of icons.

List of places/addresses and assigned GPS coordinates

Preview the list of places to check after converting postal addresses to GPS coordinates. RELEVANCE column with color separation for addresses where the conversion was not 100%. Possibility of sorting for quick control of results and possible manual adjustment. Possibility of sorting and comparing input vs output addresses – geocoded. Individual settings of individual columns, their names and arrangement, display of icons.

Solver calculation

Preview of the solver’s calculation. The dispatcher has the opportunity to monitor calculation, the number of iterations, the development of the solution and a clear graph. Naturally, it is possible to suspend the solver in the current phase, display the solution, etc.

Preview of already optimized route solutions

Clear list of individual routes/vehicles, including necessary data for each route – route utilization of individual capacity data (kg, volume, pallets, etc.), number of assigned orders, start and end of the route, total values – km, CZK, etc. Individual setting of individual columns, their names and arrangement, display icons.

Detail of the solution display and manual addition of the order to the route / vehicle

Preview of the detail of the route display by air with the possibility of manually adding an unattended order due to violation of a condition. In the image, you can see a list of vehicles with a different pricing. We calculate how much the assignment will cost for individual routes/vehicles and what conditions will be violated by the assignment. The dispatcher has absolute control over this process and the system immediately provides him with feedback. The entire assignment process can be restored to its original state with one click.


How much will Tasha cost you? Always less than how much it saves you.

The price of the Tasha application depends on the frequency of planning, the number of control rooms, the number of vehicles and the type of installation. You pay it in the form of monthly fees.

Please use a calculator

  1. Drag on the car and set the average daily number of cars served. If the number of cars varies by season, set the average number throughout the year.
  2. If you have more dispatch centers from which you want to plan, add them and also set the number of cars for them.
  3. If you have more than 30 vehicles or more than 5 dispatch centers, contact us. We will design a price tailored to your needs.
  4. Not sure how to set the price? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you.
Set the vehicle count by dragging the vehicle
5 15 30 74 ?

200 €

Excluding VAT monthly

Prices from the calculator are indicative. We will be happy to inform you of the final price after a personal meeting.


Test for free for a month in peak traffic. Pay only from the savings achieved.

Implementation process

We will set up data transfer and basic configuration (1-7 days)

  • We install the application locally, on our or your server solution.
  • We will perform the basic configuration.
  • The execution time depends on the method of data acquisition and the responsiveness of your enterprise IT systems.
    Ideally, it can be done in 1-2 days.

Installing the application (2 hours)

  • The installation can be started immediately after the data transfer is complete.
  • Remote installation with communication via TeamViewer is also possible.
  • In addition to Tasha, we install MS SQL Server Express (free up to 10 GB).
  • The installation ends with a data transfer test.

We train (4-6 hours)

  • We offer training at our training center near Valašské Meziříčí, Czechia or directly at your workplace.
  • The training is free of charge, we only charge trainers’ travel allowances.
  • Graduates of the training will be able to start test operation.

Free trial running (1 month)

  • The application runs on hard data.
  • Setting up the application parameters continues.
  • There are minor modifications to the application.
  • Intensive customer support continues.
  • At the end of the period, the system is ready for routine operation.

You are switching to the paid version

  • If you like the app, you will smoothly switch to the paid mode.
  • All support and updates are included in the license price (monthly payment). We do not charge any additional payments.
  • If the application does not comply, the test operation is terminated without further obligations on your part.

[!] Cooperation between your dispatchers and IT staff is key to successful implementation and adherence to the schedule.

[!] All technical information about the Tasha application can be found at wiki.solvertech.cz.

Basic installation and setup of the product is free.

Additional services are charged. Work is billed in man-days or at an hourly rate. Prices depend on the time required for requests. We will process the calculation based on the needs analysis.

  • Man-day rate (MD): EUR 520
  • Hourly rate: EUR 65

Data transfer

  • Settings REST API import IS > Tashaup to 2 MD
  • Settings REST API export Tasha > ISup to 2 MD
  • Database IO import IS > Tashaup to 2 MD
  • Database IO export TASHA > ISup to 2 MD


  • First consultation and draft KPI reportup to 1 MD
  • Updating KPI reportsaccording to real time spent
  • Press reports that are not directly related to routes (for gatekeeper, warehouse or dispatch, labels)according to real time spent

Courier module

  • Setting price lists in the Tasha applicationup to 2 MD
  • Update of the price list of external transportsaccording to real time spent

GPS tracking

  • Linking to an unsupported tracking providerup to 2 MD

Autonomous operation

  • Automatic import, export and updateup to 5 MD
  • KPI updateup to 1 MD
  • Vehicle tracking update up to 1 MD

What Tasha has already accomplished

It simplified management and brought savings of hundreds of hours and tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns a year. Take a look at solving typical logistics tasks.

Other case studies

Tasha helps 100+ carriers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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getting started with Tasha

Deploying Tasha is fast and trouble-free.

ikona se šroubovákem a instalatérským klíčem

Complete installation under our direction

According to the agreement, we will install on site or remotely. We minimize the demands on your IT.

ikona s šipkami do prava a do leva

Smooth flow of your data

We will connect to all data sources, build the missing data bridges.

ikona člověka

Personal assistance in implementation

In the first days we assist in planning in person, in the following days using a shared screen.

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30-day free test

For the first month, we offer parallel verification operation with sharp data, all functions and technical support of our employees free of charge.

Get a Tasha and start saving immediately.

It’s simple:

  1. Let's make an appointment.
  2. We will come, listen, analyze, present solutions, answer questions.
  3. We will install and put the Tasha into operation, we will import sharp operational data.
  4. You will use the complete Tasha free of charge for 30 days.
  5. If you are satisfied, you will smoothly switch to paid mode. No data will be lost.
  6. We will be available to advise and assist you at all times.

Any questions?

Call 775 865 185 or use the chat.

Speed up, discount. Earn more.

    We will deal with your report immediately.