Analysis of transport needs and performance

We will unveil reserves in the planning of transport and distribution routes, help set the number and location of distribution centres, optimal fleet mix, reduce the number of journeys, vehicles and kilometres. We’ll save you money.

To whom the analysis is addressed

To all who ask important questions.

Manufacturers of goods
Distributors of goods
Delivery services

Types of traffic analysis

Analysis to optimize delivery and collection routes

Typical questions:

  • Do cars take the best possible routes?
  • Are we evaluating routes according to the right criteria?
  • Which customers do we covertly lose money on?
  • Can we reduce the number of kilometers, rides, cars, drivers?


We will carefully explore areas where there may be reserves (and savings): distribution network topology, customer allocation of distribution centers, and optimum delivery routes.

We will reduce the distance traveled and fuel costs.
We'll reduce the number or load on drivers.
We will revise the number of necessary vehicles.
We'll reduce transport costs by 15% on average.

Analysis for more efficient distribution of goods

Typical questions:

  • Do we have distribution centers where they should be?
  • Wouldn’t any of them be worth relocating? Which and where?
  • Can we reduce their number?
  • Where to place the new warehouse?
  • Is it better to set up your own warehouse or rent it?
  • How to assign customers to individual distribution centers?


We look for answers in the topology of existing distribution centres, the requirements of your customers, available transport capacities and actual transport performance.

We'll adjust the location or reduce the number of distribution centers.
We assign customers to optimal distribution centers.
Comparison of different variants of solutions in specific numbers.
We'll make it cheaper to operate the distribution network by up to X%.

Analysis Progress

  • We will clarify your needs and expectations. We will agree on exactly what you want to find out and what our outputs should look like.
  • The quality and range of data we will have from you (addresses/GPS of warehouses, depots and customers, expedition progress information, race windows, fleet configuration, etc.) will also be affected.
  • We will process the input data and present the pilot outputs.
  • We’ll discuss them and fine-tune them based on your input.
  • We will deliver the final outputs in agreed formats (e.g. data in .xls, route rendering in .wkt, text outputs in .pdf, etc.). We can just email the files to the drivers or whatever you want.
  • We will check that you are not owed anything and issue an invoice.

Why analyze

On average, 15% of transport costs can be saved by good route planning. For smaller firms tens of thousands, for larger ones millions of crowns a year.

An objective knowledge of transport needs and opportunities is an obvious condition for competitiveness.

For carriers facing variable customer demands (like mail-order services), there’s SolverTech Tasha, an app to plan optimal delivery routes.

But if you send your cars on more or less steady routes and don’t change your delivery plans too often (typically a bakery), it’s worth ordering a traffic needs analysis as a one-time service.

You can start the analysis immediately, without purchasing software and training employees. Experienced experts will provide you with relevant and objective information about your performance, reserves and opportunities. The output will also include proposals for specific measures.

  1. Flash detection of strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Practice-tested constructive proposals for measures.

  3. A quick solution with little demands on your employees.

  4. Quick update of conclusions when conditions change.


Price depends on specific order, volume and availability of data, number of distribution centers and vehicles, type and frequency of deliveries and other parameters. We’ll be happy to count it for you as soon as we get acquainted with our task.

Please contact us.

We have increased the performance of distribution networks to a number of companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

How to order an analysis


  1. Let's make an appointment.
  2. We will show sample outputs.
  3. We agree on the procedure, we estimate the price.
  4. We'll answer your questions.
  5. We will conclude a simple contract.
  6. Let's get to work.

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