Article   25. 3. 2021 1 “click” for better customer service – Solvertech Tasha communication module

Tell customers when your goods arrive. By connecting a route planning system and an SMS gateway, you can pass on essential information to a large number of customers with minimal effort.
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Most of us have already encountered the service provided by transport companies such as Czech Post, Geis, PPL – sending SMS with the time of delivery. Once you have a route planning system and bridge it with an SMS gateway, you can provide the same service to your customers.

SMS gateway

The SMS gateway is a place on the Internet from where you can send SMS to mobile phones. By connecting to an ERP or route planning system, you can send important information to your customers or employees. The advantage is the possibility of automating the process. With a single button, information can be sent to all customers at once.

The service works through an API (application programming interface). This allows program developers to incorporate the service into their projects to make it as easy as possible for users.

The Solvertech Tasha system already has a built-in basic bridge for SMS gateways. The service can thus be put into operation very quickly and increase the level of your customer service.

How does it work

With the Solvertech Tasha system, you can create an optimal delivery plan in a few minutes. You will get information exactly when will you deliver to your customers. Without having to set anything else, you press the “SMS” button. Tasha automatically sends information to specific customers via the SMS gateway. They will receive a message about when the goods will be delivered to them. The content of the message can be set. In addition to the time of delivery, message also contains the courier’s contact information.


Since the bridging with the SMS gateway is already implemented in the Solvertech Tasha system, it will not cost you to put it into operation. You only pay for sent SMS. The price of an SMS is on average 3 Euro cents. (March 2021). With minimal cost, you can take a big step to help you get ahead of your competition.

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