Article   13. 3. 2021 Bring the goods by your own transport or use a courier service?

An interesting feature of Solvertech Tasha, which can be used not only for e-shops, shows whether it is more efficient to bring goods by your own car, use transport company, or to delete a customer from the list.
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Each delivery route has its parameters and each customer on it is differently profitable. Delivering everything mechanically to everyone is simple and perhaps noble, but certainly not very wise. A good tool for distinguishing between profit and loss stakes is the price for non-service.

We addressed this item in the blog article “To deliver or not? Profit or loss?” and mentioned marginally in its use when considering the combination of own transport and external transport. Due to the growing demand from e-shop operators and questions about the applicability of Tasha, in this article we expand the topic and focus on their needs – optimizing the routes of delivery of goods by own transport in combination with couriers.

What is meant by the price for non-service?

The price for non-service is a hypothetical cost item that becomes cruelly real if you do not deliver the goods to the customer. It shows the importance of the customer and means roughly the same as lost profit, it is basically the difference between the income from the implementation of the contract and the costs of this implementation affected by a contractual sanction.

The parameter of non-service price is one of many criteria for Tasha, according to which it compiles efficient delivery routes. However, it allows users to uncover extremely important facts that they cannot read from any map.

If you intend to deliver all orders regardless of your own economy, the price for non-service will be the same for all customers. Orders will be delivered on optimal routes in the shortest time, even to those customers on which you will lose.

But if you don’t want to go through and you’re considering alternatives: Shift the customer to another route? Move it to another day? Would you rather send an external courier service to him? And what if all measures are in vain and the customer simply does not bring you a profit? Tasha will help you detect costs immediately and eliminate potential losses in real time.

Stick price tags to your customers

If you run an e-shop and it is hoped that the customer’s delivery will be cheaper for you by courier than with your own car, we will introduce his price list in Tasha. Freight is usually determined by the weight and / or volume of shipments. Therefore, it indicates the amount that correspond to the nature of your order.

In Tasha we can store and compare price lists of more competing transport services. A common model is to use the courier services of companies such as DPD, PPL, DHL or other couriers. Tasha automatically calculates and shows you the price of each courier for each order, selects the cheapest one and sets it as the price for non-service.

If the cost of own transport exceeds the price of the cheapest courier, Tasha will recommend canceling your own delivery and suggest ordering transport from him. Of course, you have a choice, if you still want to transport the customer with your own transport (eg large dimensions, fragility of goods, order value, or it is a VIP customer), you can simply mark these orders and thus guarantee service by your own transport. Such an order will then always be loaded in the event that no restrictions are violated (delivery time, vehicle load limit, vehicle equipment requirements, etc.). What ever it takes.

Tasha is able to help you not only with a report on routes for your own drivers, but also with the export of information about orders for couriers.

An excellent addition to the Courier module is also the Communication module, which informs your clients and drivers en masse via information SMS or email. It increases the level and efficiency of your services.

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