Article   13. 8. 2021 How to easily facilitate traffic route planning

Companies whose traffic dispatchers nowadays still use manual route planning are slowly falling behind. Cleverly designed software can handle work faster, more efficiently and even save on shipping costs.
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Traffic dispatching plays an absolutely key role in planning delivery routes. Even today, however, there are companies that use satellite tracking of vehicles, but the actual planning of routes is still done manually, ie through an application such as Google maps. The dispatcher usually has to provide dispatching for various branches, must keep records of distribution activities, communicates with both external and internal carriers and, of course, must also deal with non-standard situations that naturally occur during distribution. Such a dispatcher is essentially irreplaceable. A big problem for companies then arises when the dispatcher falls ill or decides to find a new job.

Experience and irreplaceability of the dispatcher

The role of the dispatcher is therefore not easy and is absolutely crucial with regard to the whole process. Two factors play a major role in the quality of the plan in the end. Experience and also sufficient time of the dispatcher, who compiles the route plan according to the criteria, which he has historically learned and knows that it must be taken into account. However, even the best dispatcher with enough time to complete routes does not have a chance to cope with quality and mathematical model-based route planning programs.

Benefits of a route planning program

Route planning programs aggregate the “experiences” of hundreds of users, are constantly developed in collaboration with logistics companies, and can calculate tens of thousands of delivery options and then compare them to achieve the best results. Today, transport costs can be easily reduced by up to 15%, including no less important benefits associated with process automation. For example, high-quality automatic geocoding, ie “pinning” directly into the map, can save a lot of time when scheduling individual orders.

It is for these purposes that Solvertech has developed the Tasha program, which is now used by over 100 customers in 10 countries around the world. Instead of manually planning and composing routes according to the feeling and experience of the dispatcher, the program plans the route automatically according to the entered parameters. These parameters can be flexibly changed according to customer requirements and it is common for software to be tailored to the new industry.

Benefits for dispatchers

In addition to significantly reducing transportation costs, using software also makes it easier for individual employees who work with it. The main benefits for dispatchers include:

  • Possibility of pre-preparation of all planned routes
  • A simple overview of orders and utilization of individual vehicles
  • Taking into account deadlines and problems on routes
  • Manual addition of individual deliveries and pickups to the plan
  • Almost unlimited individual setting options
  • Quick feedback on a change of plan
  • Less stress when planning
  • Faster and more efficient traffic planning

More in depth overview available for company managers

Thanks to simplified controlling, Tasha can then help with the evaluation and overview of KPIs and the company’s management, which can determine the return on each order. The benefits for management are:

  • Demonstrable reduction in transport costs
  • Clear analysis of profitability of items, orders, customers, routes and vehicles over time
  • Significantly better overview of the state of transport in the company
  • Increasing the capacity of the control room while maintaining the original state of employees
  • Maximizing the performance and reliability of the control room
  • Easier substitutability of key employees

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