Article   20. 2. 2021 Perfect overview of transport – KPI module

For well-thought-out managerial decisions, you need up-to-date and clearly structured information without overflow of information. All data on routes and movements of vehicles is stored by in Tasha database. The KPI module will sort this amount of data for you and evaluate it objectively.
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Managing a business is like driving a car. You need to know the destination, choose the route, change the appropriate speeds and take into account the traffic and your own crew. For this and that, you need to know and control many things. Accidental interference with driving is a path to hell. Business changes made without knowledge of the situation are at best a slap in the water, at worst a game with fire. Solvertech Tasha in version 3.3 brings a new KPI module that sorts the amount of data from the field and objectively evaluates it. It will quickly provide you with high-quality analytical data necessary for informed managerial decision-making.

What is a KPI?

Performance is easily measured when jumping long distances, in transport it is a bit more complicated tho. You can judge it according to various metrics (time, distance, occupancy, number of deliveries), which have a complex effect on each other. In the end, the main metric is always the crown earned (or lost).

KPIs (key performance indicators) are a widely used set of tools for measuring and evaluating the performance or success of processes. Each line of business creates different KPIs, which users further adapt to their own needs.

Indicators show whether the strategy works or not, and suggest whether it needs to be corrected or changed. Therefore, you will hardly be surprised that correctly selected  KPIs are excellent feedback with a significant impact on business results.

Tasha already has it

Tasha stores all the data on the routes and movements of your vehicles in a database and thus expands an extremely extensive, and therefore difficult to use, mass of data every day. In order for the data to be useful to you, you must interpret it appropriately. You need to choose the information that interests you and link it to the indicators that affect it. This can be a very complicated task and tedious to death with traditional Excel processing. In addition, the laborious analysis becomes obsolete very quickly.

The Tasha KPI module answers your questions immediately – with a clear graph or table with values ​​that you can further sort or conditionally format.

Suppose you are interested in the price for one kilogram delivered, a pallet or an order (who would not be interested). In the KPI module Tasha, you select a parameter as a metric and set a critical value of 1 EUR. The table is displayed and all its cells in which the limit has been exceeded are highlighted. You can make coffee and start researching why the indicator is bad on some days and good in others, how the price is related to a particular route, order or driver. The parameters of the outputs can be easily changed, which simplifies the search for weak points, speeds up and deprives subjectivity.

In the long run, the price of a kilogram of goods shipped can be an interesting parameter, which clearly shows the efficiency with which your transport works. You can easily compare the work of dispatchers.

One click into the world of hidden contexts

The price of a kilogram of goods shipped is an example of a sensitive indicator that clearly shows the efficiency of transport. Of course, there are more such symptoms. To recognize them, you must recognize them in the tailings of the metadata.

This is the mission of the KPI module Tasha. As a well-informed spy, he will provide you with reliable, ballast-cleaned information.

Just plan it

Thanks to the clear visualization of the output, a good overview of such a complex thing as corporate transport can be obtained even by a person who does not fully understand it. In the KPI module, however, managers will find a powerful tool. As a magic eye, it will allow them to look into difficult-to-observe contexts, increase the effectiveness of control and evaluation of the results achieved, and place the subsequent decision on solid ground. Do you know a safer way to take care of your company’s efficiency?

If you want to know how you are doing in the company, you will no longer think of how to find, collect, interpret and present the necessary data. Tasha’s KPI module will do it for you, and with all due respect – faster than you. What will he leave to you?

You need to determine what information and context to follow. If you do not choose from the menu of the most frequently used indicators, you can come up with your own. You have all the data together, no search and rewrite is required. You select the settings, press the button – and you have company transport in front of you as on the display.

Tasha’s KPI module: the easiest way to tell management what’s going on in traffic

– Tasha has great source data together: you don’t have to trace anything
– He can summarize them: you don’t have to invent and rewrite anything
– He can show them: you can find the visualization on the dashboard, you don’t have to suffer anymore using PowerPoint
– Tasha works in real time: all outputs are still current.

Naturally, the implementation is free and is included in the license fee.


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