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Our work does not end with the successful implementation of the Tasha route planner. The time comes to fine-tune the program to exactly match your conditions. Come to us in the Wallachian hills for advanced work training with Tasha.
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Experience with the implementation of logistics information systems teaches us that the devil is in the detail. That’s why we offer our customers the Health check product, a training course that helps increase the benefit of the Tasha application for managing your logistics processes.

Discussions at the trainings usually bring up a number of topics important for optimizing deliveries and increasing their benefits. We will transform topics that we cannot close immediately into tasks for the next period.

We offer Health check training in three forms.

Remote Tasha Health Check

The training takes place online and by phone. The Solvertech employee responsible for the implementation of your application will go through the entire planning process with you, learn about your current needs, absorb new contexts and suggest possible improvements both in your processes and in the Tasha application.

Training parameters

  • Range: 4-6 hours
  • Price: 240 € (without VAT)

On-site Tasha Health Check

The consultation will take place at the place of your company on the date of your choice. Our senior consultant will perform a complete review of Tasha application settings and analysis of logistics processes related to route planning. The output will be a report on the current setting and control of key parameters, metrics, vehicle fleet and map documents. The consultation may also include extended Tasha application settings or KPI module settings.

Training parameters

  • Range: 8 hours
  • Price: €680 (without VAT)
  • Consultant’s travel fee: 0.36 € per kilometer

Tasha Health Check comprehensive consultation

The two-day training will take place here in Solvertech, in the idyllic solitude of the Wallachian hills. It takes the form of an intensive daily workshop for 1-4 people. Accommodation and refreshments are included in the price of the training. What’s on the agenda?

Revision of TASHA system settings

  • Report on the setting and control of key parameters. Metrics, vehicle fleet, map documents
  • Correction of incorrect parameters for orders or vehicles. Expanding the Tasha application settings with additional parameters if they will be of benefit

Review of working with the Tasha system

  • A proposal to use the new, advanced features of the Tasha application to increase its contribution
  • Streamlining work with the Tasha application (e.g. saving time when creating a plan)

Reporting, KPI

  • Design of KPI outputs, if they have not yet been used
  • Proposal to expand or refine KPI outputs

News and trends in transport planning and optimization

  • A preview of new features in the app
  • Examples of good practice

Training parameters

  • Scope: two-day attendance
  • Price: €1200 (without VAT)

Participants praise the Health check

Several of our customers have gone through the training, either online, at the client’s company or here at Zašová. Some use them regularly as an opportunity to respond to changes in processes or technologies used in forwarding and fleet management.

Mr. Jozef Kviatkovský, sales director from Slovakian company Ekvia, evaluated the two intensively spent days in Wallachia as follows:

Thanks to good organization, a wonderful environment, friendliness, openness and high professionalism, Solvertech had a very pleasant working and creative atmosphere, where we could focus on operational problems in detail and look for their solutions. We either solved many of them on the spot, or we determined ways to solve them. Thanks to that, working with Tasha is a lot easier for us. We also appreciate the improvements and advice you gave us during the workshop. We were also very interested in the upcoming news, especially the Freya mobile application. We think that this application can be beneficial not only for making the dispatcher’s work more efficient, but also for improving the quality of services for our customers. We are convinced that this workshop was beneficial for us, and we will repeat it again when the opportunity arises.“

Let’s meet over Tasha

Write to us at or call +420 775865185. We will give you more information and we can immediately agree on the format and date of the training. It will contribute to simplifying processes and improving the quality of outputs. We will assess other useful functionalities of the Tasha application and the possibilities of its extension.

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