Case study Hruška

Hruška is the largest retail network in the Czech Republic with a turnover of EUR 3,48 billion. The company has more than 640 stores that are supplied by over 100 vehicles.

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“Working with larger number of cars, automatic route planning helps to decrease the amount of work for the dispatcher, for whom it is important to know how many pallets to load in a given delivery and accordingly can add or subtract individual orders without having to think about how to assemble individual cars. We do not overweight our cars, the program makes sure it will not happen.”

Entry conditions:

  • Daily delivery (3 warehouses, 120 vehicles, 700 stores, various goods)
  • Routes are planned by dispatchers
  • Hruška hires cars and drivers from carriers

Tasks for Tasha:

  • Reduce the ratio of transport costs/turnover
  • Suppress the human factor in the preference of carriers
  • Maintain a high level of customer service
  • Accurate documents for invoicing external transport


  • Use of comprehensive pricing model
  • Inclusion of restrictions (restrictions in city centers, loading waves, cars starting/ending outside the depot)
  • Comprehensive delivery plan (transport, pick-up, cross-dock)
  • Possibility to measure, report and therefore control the KPI
  • Easy reporting of planned and traveled deviation

The result:


StoragePeriodSavings %Savings EUR
Storage 13 years3,80 %40 000 EUR
Storage 22,5 years6 %27 000 EUR
Storage 31,5 years5,2 %100 000 EUR
  • Almost zero implementation costs
  • No major change in work organization
  • Acceleration of the work of dispatchers
  • Fair route assignment