Case study Rohlí – Same day delivery case study

Same day delivery case study regarding how planning program made possible to process 10 times more orders and saved costs on two full-time dispatcher jobs.

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Rohlí is market leader on Czech grocery e-shop market founded by Tomáš Čupr in 2014. Rohlík originally started making business in Prague and Brno and today operates also in Vienna and Budapest.

Entry conditions:

  • 2 dispatchers for route planning only
  • Laborious manual planning
  • 1500 orders per day
  • 5-6 orders along the route

Tasks for our system:

  • Automate scheduling
  • Streamline routes
  • Assistance with warehouse management
  • Optimize the number of vehicles for delivery


  • 0 dispatchers for route planning
  • Maximum optimized routes (on average 15 orders on max. 3-hour routes)
  • Significant reduction in order service time
  • Optimal use of the vehicle fleet
  • No system restrictions on the number of orders
  • Increasing the number of orders delivered on time