Article   15. 10. 2021 What is same day delivery?

Delivery today is becoming a key factor on which the success of retail depends. Fortunately, delivery optimization programs are accommodating more and more key features.
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The speed of light is the highest speed in the universe. But the speed at which we want to fulfill our wishes begins to catch up. Delivering a package within a week is a cause for despair today. Not even a dog will eat yesterday’s pizza.

Same day delivery means that the delivery will happen the same day as the order was placed. Today, it concers delivery that typically includes groceries and meals, the supply of pharmacies and drugstores, taxi services, but also a growing number of e-shops.

Straight ahead

Express delivery is not an invention of the frantic 21st century. Thanks to the introduction of the postage stamp and the development of the railways, the Welsh merchant with the Price-Jones flannel was able to offer next day delivery as early as the middle of the 19th century.

The history of the same day delivery mode, on the other hand, is short. American companies came up with delivery experiments on the day of the order before 2000, and have not succeeded back then. One of the reasons could be the absence of digital optimization of deliveries.

The boom came ten years later with the development of IT technology and gripped the world.

To whom does same day delivery help

Same day delivery is most available at local deliveries. In the US, shipments can be delivered the same day virtually across the continent, but the service is limited by the high cost of air travel.

However, in smaller regions that can be reached by vans and trucks, the price has met customers’ willingness to pay extra for the speed of delivery. The already mentioned programs for traffic optimization have fundamentally helped. They ensure in a flash that the cars go to the customers on the shortest routes and take as many goods as possible at once.

The same day delivery regime has thus become widely used in the Czech Republic as well, and more and more Czech companies are beginning to perceive it as a standard, rather than extra. The trend was greatly strengthened by the covid pandemic, making e-shops almost the only source of purchases. The B2B segment working in the just-in-time mode also requires express transport.

Fast and furious

It is clear that the demand of quick delivery will only grow stronger. Adapting to them is the only way to survive in today’s market.

Fortunately, it is no longer difficult even for smaller companies. Software solutions exist, you just need to implement and deploy them into your already existing logistic frame. Our Kira software app can optimize up to 20,000 orders from one warehouse per day. Unlike live dispatchers, it has nerves of steel. It collects orders and waits for them to be processed until it is possible to load them on the right car at the last instance.

The result is perfect vehicle utilization, shortest route tracking and reliable same-day delivery at a price that can be easily accepted.

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